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Welcome on Metropolitan-Art!

On our Websites we proudly present our results of hobby-photography and share our hobby of collecting Actionfigures in 1/6 scale.

We have a wide spectrum of collectibles and hope there will be something for everybody to enjoy our sites.

We are looking forward to any questions or comments you will send to us.

Have fun and enjoy our photos and collectibles!

Your Metropolitan-Art Team

Bernd and Mathias

News Pinboard May 2018

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OUR latest Youtube Video  (Hot Toys - Grand Moff Tarkin)

OUR latest Youtube Video  (1000Toys - SynHu Clear Version)
Hot Toys - Grand Moff Tarkin
Hot Toys SW VIII - FO Executioner Trooper
TBL/JX Toys Kitbash - Gal Gadot
TBL / GAC Toys Kitbash - Scarlett
1000Toys - SynHu Clear
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