March 2017 - III - Metropolitan-Art

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29 March 2017
  • JYC Toy KLG005 1/6th Scale Ming Dynasty Firearms Division Musketeer
29 March 2017
  • KUMIK shows several new heads KUMIK16-38 to KUMIK16-55

  • Hot Heart 1/6 Scale T-X Head Sculpt

Specially made for the main inclusion body(such as PHICEN S17B )base on the skin color and structure, include meticulous painted head.  Coupled with the original FD002 box equipped with uniforms and high heels, to help you create a perfect double modeling figure.
One head sculpt with movie-accurate facial expression(base on the skin color and structure of PHICEN S17B)
One Transmitter device of finger(PREORDER GIFT ONLY,base on the skin color and structure of PHICEN S17B)

Pre-Order on OSK Webshop
  • Zenpunk : Barlowe’s Hell – BARON FARAII - New photos

first pix of this figure shown on MetArt before
  • VORTOYS V1007 1/6 Scale Advanced Muscular Body Suit Set with  Trench Coat

Pre-Order on OSK Webshop
  • Toys City: New Suits in 3 styles

sets including:
Suits( Jacket and Pants) *1
Shirt *1
Tie *1
Pair of Shoes *1
Leather belt *1
  • Threezero: Wang (The Great Wall) - TEASER Pic
  • JackalX shows some new information about there upcoming figure project - Sergeant John Reese

Information about background story on their website

Some new vids and information also available on their FACEBOOK site

More pix of prototypes shown on MetArt before
  • Cult King - Frank - Al Pacino as Frank Serpico ( Movie "Serpico")
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