May 2017 - II - Metropolitan-Art

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20 May 2017
  • Special Figures 1/6th scale Emerging Force 12" figure - Édgar Ramírez as Bodhi in Point Break - No Motorbike included
  • 303TOYS - New amendment - 303TOYS 1/6 Three Kingdoms Series - Zhao Yun 2.0 -
    Accept the proposal of fans, modified the fish breastplate for the Quartet breastplate

19 May 2017
  • TBLeague(PHICEN) 1/6 Super Flexible Seamless Female Body X6! New Release Six Models of Super Flexible Seamless Female Body Series with Stainless Steel Skeleton

1. New members of 1st. generation: PLMB2017-S18A (medium bust size, pale)
& PLMB2017-S19B (medium bust size, suntan)
Same physique as S01A and S02A, but with removable feet. The removable feet design enables the bodies to wear shoes, a change that we see many clients who do custom figures are looking forward to. Check out the pics to have a concrete idea of how they look like pls, hope you like them!
Note: their woman secret parts are not very realistic/detailed. Head sculpts are not included.

2. Members that we classify under 5th. generation: PLLB2017-S20A (large bust size, pale)
& PLLB2017-S21B (large bust size, suntan)
New physique, strong legs but still feminine! The leg muscles are not in clods (the bulky way), but shows strength in a soft, smooth and streamlined way. Chances are that you have seen this body type already. It has been used for many of our best sellers, like Demon Huntress, Arhian the Head Huntess and Spartan Captain. You can see from the pics that the body has really large breasts, wasp waist, and the legs long, well-proportioned, strong but with graceful shape.
Note: their woman secret parts are not very realistic/detailed. Head sculpts are not included.

3. Members that we classify under 7th. generation: PLMB2017-S22A (medium bust size, pale) & PLMB2017-S23B (medium bust size, suntan)
Our newest model, so far the most body builder- like model we have: medium bust size, but not the same S01A/S02A medium. Her breasts are larger by roughly one bra size. The legs are strong, even stronger than S20A and S21B (the 5th. generation), the muscles are quite bulky, but still we avoided to give them clod/clump look, so the legs show power but are still shapely and feminine. We have used this body type for our Painkiller Jane figure.
Note: their woman secret parts are quite realistic/detailed. Head sculpts are not included.
18 May 2017
  • Wolfking: Deckard & Hobbs Character Sets (Fast & Furious 8) - NO bodies included
  • VTS TOYS :1/6 Chainsaw Girl (VM-015) - coming soon into the shops - loooooooooooong delayed figure
  • One Toys-1/6 scale "Respectable Person" Collectible Figure
  • Molecule8: John Lennon - still no pix of complete figure available - last price information: about 300 USD - looking forward for more information and the final product
  • DS Toys - 4 new female heads
  • Brown Art: Gothic Armour
16 May 2017
  • Hot Toys MMS DX15 Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales 1/6th scale Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow
15 May 2017
  • Hot Toys Snowtrooper released in Hong Kong (Secret Base)
  • End I Toys EIT 1/6th scale HUANG FEI HONG 12-inch figure -  tribute to famous Wong Fei-hung
13 May 2017
  • SuperDuck SET015 1/6 Scale Sexy Robot Costume Set

Pre-Order on OSK Webshop
  • 1/6 Female Action Figure Clothes Sexy Summer Tops Hot Pants With Belt for 12 inches Action Figures by MAK
  • 1:6 Scale Jon Snow Head Sculpt Game of Thrones With Scar Headplay For 12" Male Phicen Body Figure
  • Hot Toys - Guardians of the Galaxy - Star-Lord (Deluxe Version)

opened Pre-Order on SIDESHOW
  • Easy & Simple 26016 1/6 Scale Private Military Contractor Urban Assaulter 2 “Viking”

Pre-Order on OSK Webshop
  • 1/6 Asian Star Head Sculpt Blonde Hair Similiar to Jingtian Headplay fit Female Phicen Doll Body
12 May 2017
  • SIDESHOW presents first photos of their final product - Star Wars EP V - Luke Skywalker Rogue Group Snowspeeder Pilot

collectible will start to be delivered end of May 2017
  • several new head sculpts by KUMIK (KUMIK16-56 to 16-59) - shown on their Blog-Site
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