November 2016 - I - Metropolitan-Art

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  • Iron Man - OSK1611978 Custom 1/6 Scale Supreme CW Male Head Sculpt

  • New Eleven 1/6 Scale Ben Head Sculpt

  • NEW upcoming Rogue One figure ??? - Donnie Yen as "Chirrut Imwe"
  • Some new ancient Chinese figures by 303 and Inflames Toys announced
  • New headsculpt for Quiet Kitbashs - OSK1611974 Custom 1/6 Scale Silent Female Head Sculpt

order on OSK Shop
  • Threezero announced a dragon of Game of Thrones - sadly they don't say anything about the size of it
  • new Figure by 303 - MASTER XIANG OF QIN announced
  • New announcement: Easy&Simple 26012 1/6 Scale S.A.D Special Operation Group - pre-order on OSK shop
  • Hot Toys used a sniper Rifle as Bonus accessory for Batman - here comes this rifle as loose part for pre-order on Figure Station Hong Kong
  • Also announced by ZYToys - DSLR set - pre-order on OSK shop
  • New Video Camera Set by ZY Toys announced - Pre-order on OSK shop
  • new outfit set - ZYTOYS 1/6 Scale Female Leather Lingerie Set ZY16-15
available on OSK shop
  • Some new pix of Johnny Depp Custom head project - still WIP
  • Figure Club shown this new head from Mad Max Fury Road - Immortan Joe
  • Toy City - female Black glossy leather High Heels boots - Sexy!!!

you may find them on Nouveau Toys
  • Threezero announced upcoming TWD Michonne - LOL we will see when she arrives at our shops
  • New photos of ZC Toys new TWD Daryl Dixon version - announced but not released yet and a new Rick seems to be upcoming too
  • New Announcement by Pop Toys - Van Helsing and "pre-announcement" Anna Valerious

Pre-Order on OSK Webshop

  • New Toy center 1/6 Agent Leather Suit for Pre-Orderon OSK Webshop
  • New TWD headsculpt by YH HA Customs - Negan
  • DiD announced a new WW II figure - DID 1/6th U.S. Army 2nd Armored Division Military Police "BRYAN" figure aka Ross Geller
  • prompt after the announcement all new Star Wars Battlefront Snowtrooper sets by Hot Toys are available for pre-order now

I took the double set on pre-order ;-)
  • Fantastic new Statue by Prime One - not 1/6 scale but bust be seen - beautiful version of Wonderwoman

Product Details:
Expected to Ship
Jul 2017 - Sep 2017
DC Comics
Polystone Statue
Prime 1 Studio
Product Size
40" H (1016mm) x 18.54" W (470.92mm) x 14.25" L (361.95mm)*
  • Star Ace shows new styles of Dracula headsculpts
  • one of the most anticipated figure this year Wasteland Ranger by VTS - new photos of Final Product shown on FACEBOOK
  • found on FACEBOOK - New upcoming Daryl Dixon - NO further information available yet
  • a new diorama accessory for Tony Stark - Iron Man
  • Hot Toys announcement: Star Wars Battlefront - New Snowtroopers - single and double pack will be available for pre-order soon
  • New headsculpt by Peak Toys - seems to be a poor Natalie Portman lookalike
  • new "Anne Hathaway" headsculpt by DS toys announced
  • New Knight figure announced by Brown Art - Gothic Armor - in two styles (silver and gold)
More infos on Figure Station Hong Kong (this website needs some time to load)
  • TWD Abraham headsculpt - soon available on OSK Shop - Pre-Order upcoming second week of November
  • New Ben Affleck headsculpt by ELEVEN - shown on OSK Shop
  • First Final Product Photos by VTS Toys of new Wasteland Ranger
  • New Reinforcement for German KSK troops - "Jens Lehmann" Lookalike by DamToys
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