October 01 - 14/10/2016 - Metropolitan-Art

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  • Damtoys shows a new Exhibition Exclusive (also available as Exclusive on MACHINEGUN)

British Army in Afghanistan - Minimi Gunner
  • Annoncement by Supermadtoys - Miss Marvel
  • New by Bobo Studio - Ghostrider
  • New Announcement by 303 Toys - Zhuge Liang aka Kungming
  • New Announcement by Redman Toys - TWD Rick Grimes
  • Coreplay Announcement - World of Warcraft - Successor
  • New Hot Toys Exclusive Iron Man - Mk XXX Blue Steel
  • New Custom head - John Preston - Grammaton Cleric - OSK1610947 Custom 1/6 Scale Male Head Sculpt
  • New Announcement - Threezero 1/6th scale Fallout 4 T-60 Power Armor 14.5-inch (36.8 cm) Collectible Figure

More Information about Versions and how to order on Threezero Webstore  

  • Announcement by Acplay - ATX022 1/6 Scale Stealth Soldier W/Robot Arm Boxed Figure
  • Announcement - New Head Sculpt of Marvel's Jessica Jones - head sculpt by Vimal Kerketta, Hair-Rooting and Painting by EL1EV1EN and produced by OSK (EXCLUSIVE)

Order only here OSK-Webshop - OSK1610948 Custom 1/6 Scale Super V JJ Female Head Sculpt

  • Some pix of NYCC 2016
  • Hot Toys announced Star Wars VII - Finn as Stormtrooper FN2187 - regular Pre-Order opened now for the former only as Shanghai Exclusive available figure

Have a look on my FN2187 in my galleries
  • Sideshow announced release of Darth Maul - delivery starts at 19th Oct 2016
  • New Announcement by Pangaea Toys - Samurai General - The Last Samurai (Tom Cruise lifelike head)
  • Many new goods on MACHINEGUN new in stock and announced
  • Soldier Story 1/6th scale "SPECIAL DUTIES UNIT (Assaulter-K9)" 12-inch figure and dog set  -  "Flying Tigers"

More pix on TOYHAVEN Blog
  • New Announcement by EL1EV1EN - Tom Hardy headsculpt as Mad Max Fury Road
  • Still a fiew pieces available!!!!

We offer our own Label "Limited Collectibles"

First run of three heads produced in cooperation with
  • Zieben Lin - NouveauToys, USA
  • Kumik (Sculpt Team), Korea
  • Kit Chen - Onesixthkit (OSK/iyiyyy), China/Hong Kong

These heads are ONLY available on Webshops of NouveauToys, USA and Onesixthkit, Hong Kong

Limited quantity (100 pcs/style)

Quorra (Tron Legacy), Kristanna (Terminator T-X) and Olivia (generic Olivia Wild) - ONLY 1/6 scale headsculpts!!!

  • Kit Chen announced an Exclusive Version of new Star Trek figures by QMX upcoming to his stock soon
  • First in hand photos of new Black Widow (no. 5) - found on FACEBOOK
  • Bandai shows upcoming 1/6 scale Stormtroopers - seems they are more flexible than the Hot Toys collectibles- NICE!!!
  • New Custom Headsculpt Admiral Adama - Battle Star Galactica TV series Version - found on FACEBOOK
  • DiD Announcement - Standartenführer Jochen Peiper (Rgt. Commander 1st Tank Regiment LSSAH)

more pix on Dragon in Dreams Website
  • Available on MACHINEGUN - ThreeQ Cities Ranger

  • ace new product: Battle of Hamburger Hill 1969 - 1/6th scale 101st Airborne Division 12-inch figure

more pix on TOYHAVEN Blog
  • New Worldbox Body - 1/6 Scale Thick Chest and Broad Shoulder Durable Body
  • Studio Sundowner annonced 2 new collectibles of "Advent of Marvellous League"

More on TOYHAVEN Blog
  • Now available on MACHINEGUN - Female Cosplay Outfit Sets (Reaper / Ice Queen / Devil) by Flirty Girl
  • Now available on MACHINEGUN - Easy & Simple: Commonwealth Special Force Middle East Theater
  • Some photos of the CICF EXPO, Guangzhou, China

Damtoys / Phicen / Threezero
  • New Announcement by Easy & Simple - Agency Global Response Staff -  G.R.S.
  • New Announcement by Devil Toys - WOO Heavy Weapons Specialist
  • New Announcement by Coreplay

    • Fitness Body Version 2
    • Deep Blur Diver Version
  • New Announcement by Threezero - Hannibal

  • Some new headsculpts announced by Kumik

  • New Announcement by Pop Toys - John Preston - Grammaton Cleric - Equilibrium - (POPTOYS EX09 End Missionary Bucket of Gun Master)

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