October 15 - 19/10/2016 - Metropolitan-Art

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  • New OSK Custom head upcoming - Black Widow Version 5
  • New GHostbusters Figures by Soldier Story upcoming
  • NEW male Phicen Body announced - M34 - a giant - heavy weight Bodybuilding body - perfect macth to Arnold Schwarzenegger Kitbashing
  • Second Prototype of new EXCLUSIVE OSK headsculpt - Johnny Depp - Fashion Model - still some mods needed
  • New Outfit for 007 James Bond (Spectre) by Blackbox - nice accessories
  • New female casual outfit
  • Found on FACEBOOK - Some pix of Custom Figure "Old Elvis"
  • BlackOPSToys shows the 3rd figure in cooperation with E&S and MSE - ZERT Heavy Gunner
  • Sideshow Website - Giveaway announced forthe 19th October 2016 - Black Widow Version 5 - So Good luck to all !!!
  • Found a pic of Princess Leia Organa - Custom Repainted - on FACEBOOK
  • New Indiana Jones Custom Headsculpt (V2.0) by Inigo Custom - shown on FACEBOOK
  • Asmus Toys announced a new LOTR figure - Thandruil
  • PewPewGun - announced new estimated release date for their new robots: 30th November 2016
  • New Pix and first in Hand pix of Prophet (Crysis) by Threezero
  • Some Updates on MACHINEGUN - several new itmes in stock and restocked

For example: figure base for Lady Dragon in the Moonlight by Verycool, female headsculpt by Belet and E&S Sniper Rifles
  • WOW - nearly missed it!!!!! 1000Toys started pre-order of TOA Heavy Industries Snakeyes on Saturday, 15th Oct 2016 - still for pre-order NOW - Attention - you need an account on their website to order it - 1000Toys - Japan
  • Also Available SynHu 1/12 Scale


  • new announcement by Devil Toys - Sale of WOO Heavy Weapons Specialist will start on 19th Oct 2016
  • New John Rambo Outfit
  • New Custom headsculpt - Daisey Ridley lookalike with long rooted hair (blond and brown)
  • Pre-Order of Phicen Demon Huntress opened
  • First Review of mass production version of Underworld Selene by Star Ace - Blogger Michael Crawfort came to a very disappointing conclusion
  • New Announcement British Metropolitan Police by Modelingtoys - lookalike of Wayne Rooney
  • First view on a new EXCLUSIVE Custom Headsculpt Prototype by OSK - Johnny Depp as Fashion Model - W.I.P.
  • New James Bond Spectre Outfit - shown by Kit Chen (OSK)
  • New Custom Headsculpt and additionally accessories by Rocco Tartamella - Count Dooku (head/Hands/Lightsaber-hilt)
  • Hot PLUS - New Ninja-Girl outfit set
  • Hot Toys opened Pre-Order for announced Star Wars Rogue One Figures - Stormtroopers Stormtroopers and more Stormtroopers

for more pix have a look on our Archive of September 2016
  • Hot Toys presents "Dr. Strange"
  • GOOD news by Sideshow - Jason Voorhees - here their mailing:

"We are happy to inform you that your hand crafted item will be arriving earlier than expected. We originally expected delivery of this item into our warehouse Mar - May 2017. However, with the updated information provided to us by our production team, this item is now expected to arrive Feb - Mar 2017."
    • BAD news by Sideshow - Luke Skywalker Rogue Group Snowspeeder Pilot release delayed

    here their mailing to customers:

    "We originally expected delivery of this item into our warehouse Dec 2016 - Feb 2017. However, with the updated information provided to us by our production team, this item is expected to arrive Feb 2017 - Mar 2017.

    We apologize for the delay but we wanted to make sure we kept you updated on your item's status."
    • Still no news about some long awaited DamToys Announcements - no figures in sight and no updates on estimated release date - very annoying!!!
    • ACI - some new Pix of Samurai and Ancient Greek Hoplites
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