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23. August 2019
20. August 2019
17. August 2019
16. August 2019
14. August 2019
12. August 2019
09. August 2019
07. August 2019
06. August 2019
  • new collectible - Star Wars EP IX Sith Trooper (Hot Toys SDCC Advanced Release Version)
  • new collectibles - Star Wars EP VI - Stormtroopers (Hot Toys standard and deluxe version)
05. August 2019
03. August 2019
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Here we will inform you about some news we like to share with you:

First of all - BIG thanks to Veronika for the first comment in our Guestbook - You are Welcome!!!!!

Thanks to all fans who follow us on our new Website and our new Youtube Channel !!!!

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